Open source BusuuClone app using Xamarin.Native and MvvmCross

Open source BusuuClone app using Xamarin.Native and MvvmCross

a pet, sample project for Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android


In 2017, I found up Naxam with the aim to build a great software development company specialized in Microsoft technologies, started with Xamarin. Following my way of learning, I chosen a pet project for the first Nxers to learn and practice their Xamarin skills. I chose Busuu, a world leading application for learning English skills, because it has a beautiful UI/UX and I strongly believe my Nxers can improve both technical skills and English skills through out the project.

Nxers ~ Naxam's people

What we gained

  • A bulk of features cloned are runnable with mock data
  • All people joined can do Xamarin project at various levels of confidence
  • All people understood how to form up a good architecture for a Xamarin.Native app
  • The company had its first Xamarin capable team to handle incoming projects

Why I made it open sourced

This pet project was made private and only available for internal Nxers to refer to while building a Xamarin.Native application. However, Naxam is no longer in business for years now, I think this pet project will benefit other developers around the world when finding a good MvvmCross sample application specifically and a .NET application in general.

This project is also to show the way I normally organize a .NET application where I am the tech lead of the project.

Please find out the repo on Github. Please star if it benefits you.


I would like to say "Thank you" to all of my Nxers who had been working with me for that so long. This project was made by them and always belongs to them. You can find their github in the README of the project.

NOTE: This project was made in the early of 2017, so the referenced libraries are outdated by now.